What is up beautiful people and welcome to my blog, I am really happy to see you here and I am glad that I have an opportunity to present you a brand new online game – Drift Boss. This game is as cool as its name and it is really a boss among drifting games, but we will talk about details more below, stay with us and keep on reading.

About the game
Those of you who love drifting games will definitely appreciate the unique gameplay that this game can offer you, in other casual racing games usually you have to use a lot of keys, make tons of different calculations, drop some crazy stunts to drift like a pro. But in this game it is completely different, you can do all the stuff by just clicking one single button, it is utterly simple yet extremely entertaining and enjoyable.

By pressing a single button at the right time you will drift in corners of the track and avoid falling off, now it is extremely important to make move at the correct time, otherwise, you will fall off from the track and lose the match. Focus on the track, play with a calm mind and you will be fine.

Daily rewards
For those players that are loyal to the Drift Boss game offers special rewards, once a day you will have the opportunity to claim your gift. Rewards change each day and they can contain: 50-100 points, two or more stars, unlock car tokens, tons of coins, etc. I would suggest you to log into the game every day, for frequent users there are special gifts that can be used in the game later on.

Boosters in the game
There are different boosters in the game, now what are these boosters for? Well, they are here to help you with your racing, depending on your style of gaming you can pick one booster from three different options. There might be different ones, but for the most part, you will see the double score, car insurance, and coin rush. Some of them offer bonus points, some of them offer more coins, etc.

You may also buy more boosters with your coins if you are okay with it.

Through mistakes
I guess in my case nothing helps me to learn better than mistakes, this might be true for you as well so don’t be afraid to fail in the game couple of times guys. You might even fall off the road multiple times in a row, but sooner or later you will figure out how to drive a car on these challenging roads. Drifting is not easy at all, in fact, if you ask me it is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to racing.

Play it on your phone
Now you can enjoy Drift Boss on your mobile device as well, quite interesting isn’t it? Check our download links below guys, the game is completely free and runs well on any device even on old ones.

Video guide
Still, got some questions? Not sure how to drive? When to turn and when to stop? Maybe following a video guide from YouTube will help you a little bit. Take a close look at this gameplay and memorize when to press the space bar and when to release it.

This is a pretty unique racing/drifting game, like I have said before unlike other ones all you have to do here is to click the space bar and release it in order to win. it might sound ridiculously simple and easy but in fact, it is not. Tracks in the game are very challenging and hard to overcome, from time to time you have to overcome obstacles as well. Just be calm and don’t panic, go as far as you can, earn as many points as possible and you will get some special rewards.

Have fun guys and please leave your thoughts below in the comments section, cheers!